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Tear Drop and Wing Banners are the perfect tool for your clients to attract attention at any event that they involved with. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, our tear drop banners and wing banners are specifically designed to flap around in the breeze to attract attention.

BannersByMilmar tear drop banners and wing banners come in 3 sizes and 6 different shapes. BannersByMilmar can supply the appropriate bases or mounting brackets for indoor or outdoor set up in any location or environment. All of our tear drop banners and wing banners can be set up on-site in minutes.

The tear drop banners and wing banners are very durable and can be installed outdoors, even in extreme weather conditions. In fact, they work best to draw attention when the wind causes the material to flap and the banner to swivel on the spiky base or banner stand.

Single sided or double sided full colour sublimation print is available. Double sided print can be the same or a different image on each side of the tear drop banner or wing banner (at no additional cost). Our double sided tear drop banners and wing banners are printed on 2 separate pieces of polyester material, and are joined with UV block out between them so the image on the other side does not show through.

The printed image on our single sided banners can be seen as a mirror image on the reverse side of the tear drop and wing banner.

The banners sizes are as follows:

Tear Drop Banners
  • Small: 3000mm pole – 1900mm x 750mm banner
  • Meduim: 4000mm pole – 3000mm x 970mm banner
  • Large: 5000mm pole – 3880mm x 1090mm banner
Wing Banners
  • Small: 3000mm pole – 2000mm x 653mm banner
  • Meduim: 4000mm pole – 3000mm x 704mm banner
  • Large: 5000mm pole – 4000mm x 805.4mm banner

All BannersByMilmar tear drop banners and wing banners come with their own carry bag, and are supplied with a spiky base. They are light and compact and are very easy to install.

BannersByMilmar can provide a suitable base for installation of tear drop and wing banners in any location.

Our usual turnaround time is 10-15 working days for production from artwork approval, plus delivery time.

For instructions on how to setup your banners click here to download the PDF file.